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handelRead distinguished New York Times critic James R. Oestreich's article about early opera (and the early music scene in NYC). We're delighted that Mr. Oestreich acknowledged our achievement of a primary mission of GEMS. He wrote: "New York a hotbed of early music? No one would have said so 20 years ago (when some of us were saying the opposite) or even 10 years ago. But a remarkable shift has occurred over the last decade or so, thanks to a web of interlocking factors, including the formation of a curriculum in historical performance at the Juilliard School, the exponential growth of the music program at Trinity Wall Street, the enterprise of groups like Tenet and the Sebastians and the work of the service organization Gotham Early Music Scene." We're also pleased that ALL the groups/institutions he mentioned are also clients of GEMS, depending on us for one or more of our services in marketing, publicity, logistics, communications, fiscal sponsorship, etc.

GEMS is a non-profit corporation that supports and promotes the artists and organizations in New York devoted to early music— the music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical periods.