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Supporting Early Musicians in Need

Gotham Early Music Scene and Early Music America (EMA) are partnering to promote this fund. #WeAreEarlyMusic Together!

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The current global health crisis continues to have a severe impact on arts and culture. The rapid spread of the latest Covid variant has caused yet another wave of cancellations, with the result that many musicians are suffering severe financial stress.

We know we don’t have the resources to help everyone and that the EMA Relief Fund can’t make up for months of lost performance income. But we can do something, and with these mini-grants we can set an example of community spirit and provide some hope in this time of unprecedented challenge to livelihoods, artistic expression, and security. This page is where early musicians apply for a mini grant and where those with the means can contribute to the fund.

EMA and Gotham Early Music Scene have partnered to promote this fund, through which early musicians will receive, on a first-come, first-served basis, a check for $250, as long as funds allow.

How do I APPLY for a mini grant?

The Relief Fund application will open on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at 10am ET.

Fill out the simple form at the bottom of this page after the date above. We need your name, address, and telephone number. You should upload materials such as your resume, a recent concert program or notice of cancellation, and your website, to show that you are actively engaged in historical performance as your source of income.

EMA membership is NOT required.

What will I receive?

Early musicians will receive, on a first-come-first-served basis, a check for $250. The money will be redistributed by Bank of America bill pay, which requires your name, address, and telephone number.


Contact ReliefFund@earlymusicamerica.org

How can I CONTRIBUTE to the Relief Fund?

This fund is made of donations from those of us with the means to help. And we can only offer as many grants as the fund allows. Please make your donation of any amount, and it will go directly to funding more early musicians in need.


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