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THE ROAD FROM VALENCIA - New York Consort of Viols

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Release date: 2011

This popular program vibrantly captures the beauty of the viol and its elegant music from the Middle Ages in Spain to the reign of Henry VIII in England. The Road from Valencia follows the path of Sephardic musicians who, expelled from Spain in 1492, fled to Italy before being recruited for the English court. For generations these musicians handed down their artistry in viol craftsmanship, composition, and performances. Haunting music from Spain, Italy, England and the Diaspora, with readings by actor John Genke from Renaissance sources and contemporary writings, vividly illuminate the viol’s fascinating past and the story of the Sephardic Jews, which continue to inspire performers and composers today.

GEMS is a non-profit corporation that supports and promotes the artists and organizations in New York devoted to early music— the music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical periods.

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