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FANTASTICUS: Extravagant and Virtuosic music from 17th-century Germany - Quicksilver

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Released October 2014                        

The seventeenth century in Germany was a time of incredible upheaval: wars of religion and politics swept the land, bringing famine and plague in their wake and an ongoing state of crisis. The chamber music of the time reflects this fraught, unpredictable cultural climate. Inspired by the experimental works of Italian composers, the virtuosos working in Germany explored the sonata as an abstract form of wordless conversation in music, delighting and astonishing the listener. They described this style as the “stylus Fantasticus,” “instituted to display genius” in the words of mathematician Athanasius Kirchner. Music by Weckmann, Buxtehude, Kerll, Bertali, Schmeltzer, Vierdanck and Oswald.

“each work was a discovery: inventive and wonderfully crafted music that offered the listener consistent rewards” -The Vancouver Sun

“dazzling technical mastery and sound ensemble practice, but transcending these…to achieve a performance that was surpassingly communicative and soulful” -Boston Musical Intelligenser

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