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STILE MODERNO - New Music from 17th-century Italy - Quicksilver

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Released June 2011                                     

The seventeenth century was a transformative moment in our Western cultural history.   The world became modern: new technologies were emerging, our modern economic system was developing, the earth was no longer at the center of the universe. Among the cultural revolutions was one in music. Composers consciously began to create a nuove musiche or stile moderno of dramatic oppositions and vivid emotions. Their new invention was the sonata: a pure instrumental work, a piece simply meant to be “sounded,” with no agenda but the imagination of the composer . This “new music” is virtuosic, experimental, unexpected, and deeply moving: the closest we come to wordless rhetoric. Music by Castello, Fontana, Merula, Marini, Neri and Cima.

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