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Fit for a King: The Musical Offering of J. S. Bach

Thursday, April 25 at 8 pm
Holy Trinity Church
Central Park West and West 65th Street
Upper West Side, NYC

In 1747, J. S. Bach met with Frederick the Great of Prussia and was put to a challenge by the king: improvise a 3-voice fugue on the Thema Regium, or "theme of the King". Bach complied with great success, whereupon the King commanded a 6-voice fugue! Bach returned home and completed not only the 6-voice fugue but also a collection of canons and a Sonata on the Royal Subject, and published the collection as the Musical Offering. Come experience the musical glory of the Prussian court as Cynthia Freivogel, violin; Teresa Salomon, violin & viola; Immanuel Davis, flute; Arnie Tanimoto, viola da gamba; and Gwendolyn Toth, harpsichord perform the entire collection: ricercares in 3 and 6 parts, trio sonata in four movements, and ten inventive, puzzling, and astounding canons, in a splendid celebration of Bach’s contrapuntal genius.

Preferred seats $50/$40 (Seniors/under 25)
Regular seats $30/S25 (Seniors/under 25)
Rear seats $20/$15 (Seniors/under 25)
Side and Partial view seats $10

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