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Midtown Concerts presents Voyage Sonique

Thu, 27 Jun 2019 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
St. Bartholomew's Church


Biber meets Bach

Biber meets Bach -- an intriguing concept, considering that Bach may have known and even owned some of Biber’s works. This program combines exciting works from both composers in trio sonata formation. The organ sonatas by Bach, compiled in Leipzig in the 1720s, contain three independent parts (two hands and feet!) which work in trio sonata format due to this voicing. Extremely virtuosic and exciting compositions, one will find oneself in complete disbelief that this could be performed by just one organist! Here, the two violin parts trade off pyrotechnics within the lush contrapuntal writing provided by the continuo team. The Partia by Biber, also extremely virtuosic and thrilling, is written in scordatura for the two violinists, meaning we completely retune our instruments -- A, E, A, E instead of G, D, A, E.

Augusta McKay Lodge, violin
Jeffrey Girton, violin
Keiran Campbell, cello
Robert Warner, harpsichord
Adam Cockerham - theorbo/lute

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St. Bartholomew's Church

50th and Park Ave.
New York

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