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Josquin 2021 Sing-in/Play-in Dates

14 Tuesdays: September 7–December 7, 2021

Each sing-in/play-in features one mass and one or more motets and chansons

Location: Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan, 164 West 100th Street (at Amsterdam Avenue), Manhattan

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Single tickets ~ $10 each

Non-performing audience attendees also welcome

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Performance information:

All performances will be at pitch 440.

– Bowed or plucked strings
– Early winds and early brass

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions

Josquin 2021 Repertoire

Click the title of the piece to view, download, and print the music
When printing, be sure to click "scale to fit" or "fit to page' to ensure the whole page of music prints without getting cut off at the edges.

OR, download to your iPad or tablet. Purchase a refurbished iPad for about $200 to save on all the printing

September 7: Sing-In/Play-In #1  Buy single tickets

El Grillo

Je ne me puis tenir d'aimer

Ave verum a 5

Benedicta es, caelorum regina

De profundis clamavi

Missa Pange lingua

September 14: Sing-In/Play-In #2  Buy single tickets

Adieu mes amours

Jubilate Deo omnis terra

Laudate pueri Dominum

Mittit ad virginem

Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae

September 21: Sing-In/Play-In #3  Buy single tickets

Basiez moy

Ave Maria … Virgo serena

Ave maris stella

Memor esto verbi tui

Magnus es tu Domine – Tu pauperum refugium

Missa Fortuna Desperata
   Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus (when printing, make sure to "fit to page" or "scale to fit")
   Agnus Dei

September 28: Sing-In/Play-In #4  Buy single tickets


Ave Maria … Benedicta Tu

Nymphes des bois

Absalon, fili mi

Alma Redemptoris Mater

Si j’ay perdu mon am

Missa Malheur me bat
   Credo (when printing, make sure to "fit to page" or "scale to fit")
   Agnus Dei

October 5: Sing-In/Play-In #5  Buy single tickets
Mille regretz

Qui velatus facie fuisti

Misericordias Domini 

Dominus regnavit

Missa Sine Nomine

October 12: Sing-In/Play-In #6  Buy single tickets

Ma bouche rit

Gaude Virgo, Mater Christi

Ut Phoebi radiis

Praeter rerum seriem

Missa L'homme armé sexti toni
   This piece will have to be purchased. More information coming soon.

October 19: Sing-In/Play-In #7  Buy single tickets

Plus nulz regretz a 4

Liber generationis Jesu Christi 

Victimae paschali laudes

O admirabile commercium

Missa L'homme armé super voces musicales

October 26: Sing-In/Play-In #8  Buy single tickets

Faulte d'argent

In illo tempore assumpsit

Inviolata, integra et casta

Virgo prudentissima

Missa Ave maris stella

November 2: Sing-In/Play-In #9  Buy single tickets

Allégez moy

Miserere mei Deus 

Regina coeli a 6

Missa Gaudeamus

November 9: Sing-In/Play-In #10  Buy single tickets

In te Domine speravi

Salve Regina a 4

Salve Regina a 5

Stabat Mater dolorosa

Usquequo Domine

Missa La sol fa re mi

November 16: Sing-In/Play-In #11  Buy single tickets

Fama malum

Vultum tuum

Virgo salutiferi

Qui habitat

Missa Faisant regretz

November 23: Sing-In/Play-In #12  Buy single tickets

Cueurs desolez par toute nation

Huc me sydereo / Plangent eum

Illibata Dei Virgo nutrix

O bone et dulcis Domine Jesu

Missa Di Dadi

November 30: Sing-In/Play-In #13  Buy single tickets

Dulces exuviae

O Virgo virginum

Pater noster

Planxit autem David

Missa D'ung aultre amer
   Agnus Dei

December 7: Sing-In/Play-In #14  Buy single tickets

Domine, non secundum peccata nostra

Ecce tu pulchra es

O Domine Jesu Christe

Tenez moy en vos bras

Missa De beata virgine
   Credo (when printing, make sure to "fit to page" or "scale to fit")
   Agnus Dei

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