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Highest and Curious Musicke: The Tudors

SonnambulaWednesday, November 30 at 7 pm

"Your Viols were invented for these kind of Musickes, which may bee compared with the highest and curious musicke in the world." So wrote English composer Tobias Hume in his preface to the "Poeticall Musicke," a collection of 16th-century works for mixed consort, to extoll the virtues of instrumental composition in lieu of the voice, still a relatively new phenomenon in Elizabethan England. This program features some of the more experimental works of the period written with instruments in mind, alongside some of our favorites from the repertory.

St. Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church
West 87th Street and West End Avenue

$30 ~ General Admission
$15 ~ Students & Seniors

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