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Sonata Dialogues

Duo Dialogues

This program demonstrates the sonata for cello and basso continuo spanning chronological as well as geographical distance. The Duo Dialogues proposes a journey from Cattaneo, (who published the ' Tratenimenti Armonici da Camera' in Modena in 1700 from which the first sonata is excerpted) to Jean Barrière, one of the first cello virtuosos in France, born in Bordeaux and active in the 1730's. In between these two extremes, the duo portrays a relationship between composers, genres, and instrumentations with a Sonata by Antonio Vivaldi, JS Bach's transcription of a concerto by Vivaldi for solo keyboard (featuring a Gigue) and excerpts from the first suite for solo cello by JS Bach.

The Duo Dialogues was created in 2006, with the collaboration of two accomplished 'modern' instrumentalists searching to deepen their understanding of interpretation through the study of early music. Studying respectively baroque cello and harpsichord at the time of their meeting, the duo began interpreting Baroque repertoire spanning the works of Frescobaldi to Boccherini. In the years since, they have also devoted themselves to exploring later works for keyboard and cello, using both historical and modern instruments.

Experienced in repertoire spanning a vast period, Alissa Duryee and Jérôme Huille bring a 'panoramic' element to their performances, adapting each program to a particular venue, instrumentation, or theme. Their approach is far from dogmatic; their aim is to use the many tools of performance practice to construct meaningful interpretations. http://www.duodialogues.com/

Alissa Duryee, harpsichord
Jérôme Huille, baroque cello



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Concerts are in person at St. Malachy's Church, 239 West 49th Street, Manhattan, AND live streamed.