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At the Open Gates Project, providing safe spaces for artists of color is central to our mission. Part of the OGP vision expresses that artists of color are entitled to “the creation of safe, supportive, non-discriminatory spaces for nurturing and displaying their artistry”. This concept of “safe and non-discriminatory spaces” is not limited to the stage or the practice room. Indeed, artists as members of the general public, have the right to expect safe spaces throughout their entire communities-writ-large, and in all aspects of their daily lives.

During the pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in racist hate-speech and violence towards the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community throughout America. This comes as the most recent chapter of a long history of discrimination, hate-speech, and violence toward the AAPI community. Our AAPI brothers and sisters have an increased fear of being in the streets and in their own neighborhoods, because they do not feel safe among the general public.

The Open Gates Project reiterates its commitment to advocating for the creation of safe spaces for all artists of color, and we specifically express our solidarity with our Asian-American sisters and brothers and the entire AAPI community at large. We reject all forms of hateful speech, discrimination, and violence towards anyone, but at this time it is important to let the AAPI community know that they are not alone. It is our hope that all arts organizations will join us in expressing their unequivocal support for the AAPI community, along with the rejection of all that prevents the creation of safe spaces in all our diverse communities.

Joe Chappel, Co-founder, Open Gates Project
Michele Kennedy, Co-founder, Open Gates Project
Gene Murrow, Executive Director, Gotham Early Music Scene

Open Gates Project is a project of Gotham Early Music Scene, and works towards engaging more artists of color on stages and growing the diversity of our audiences.