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Playing with Fire.

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Silentwoods Collective promo credit Cynthia Roberts webCristina Prats-Costa, Ryan Cheng, Lindsie Katz, Lydia Becker, Eleanor Legault & Epongue Ekille ~ violins 
Ela Kodžas & Annemarie Schubert ~ violas 
Allen Maracle & Andrew Koutroubas ~ violoncellos 
Jonathan Liuk ~ bass 
Jason Priset ~ lute 
Dani Zanuttini-Frank ~ guitar 
Elené Tabagari ~ harpsichord 
Mei Stone & Melanie Williams ~ flutes 
Ezra Gans ~ bassoon

Playing with Fire was first conceived as a journey through myriad Italian Baroque aesthetics and musical expressions. It begins with Corelli’s grandiose first Concerto Grosso from his Op. 6 collection, prominently featuring two violins and solo violoncello in dialogue with one another and the rest of the orchestra. The triumphant end of this piece ushers in Durante’s Second Concerto for Strings. Wandering with little certainty into a mysterious and emotionally charged arena, each movement of this piece includes the key descriptive word “affetuoso” in its title. Complete with fiery violin solos throughout, Durante guides us through various shades of tenderness, passion, and affection. Scarlatti’s Sinfonia introduction to his Oratorio Il Giardino di Rose comprises several short and severely contrasted movements. Concluding with a lively and joyous dance, we move to Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Violoncellos, which ignites from the depths of the instrument with menacing, impassioned tones. Followed by a melancholic and dreamy second movement with nuanced back and forth dialogue between the two solo violoncellos, our program finishes by featuring the whole band of 17 musicians with Vivaldi’s uplifting and lighthearted Concerto for Two Flutes.

Silentwoods Collective is an artist-run organization focused on community building through public arts offerings and support for young artists. Our vision, to make inspiring live performance experiences commonplace, keeps us keenly focused on constantly re-evaluating the modes in which we present early music. We currently have a small team of artists working together to develop an immersive, multimedia, narrative-based series. This project will be a major undertaking requiring a variety of artists and volunteers from the community and every installment of it will remain accessible to the public free of charge. Our program, Playing with Fire featuring 17 current and graduated students of The Juilliard School’s Historical Performance program will be one of the last traditional concert programs we present for the foreseeable future as we work to develop new innovative offerings for you, our audience.

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1:15–2:00 pm
All concerts are free; no tickets or reservations are necessary.

In person at St. Malachy's Church, 239 West 49th Street, Manhattan

Live stream details: You can watch it on your computer in any of two places by clicking on the name you wish: our website or YouTube.

Midtown Concerts sponsors lunchtime performances of music of the 18th century and earlier. Ensembles are chosen by a panel of early music specialists from the metropolitan area.

Time: Thursdays, 1:15–2:00 pm
All concerts are free; no tickets or reservations are necessary.

Concerts are in person at St. Malachy's Church, 239 West 49th Street, Manhattan, AND live streamed.