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Nina Stern & Glen Velez - AMARYLLIS

Nina Stern & Glen Velez - AMARYLLIS

New Release!!

Release date: September 2015
This CD represents a musical landscape. The range is wide - from the Medieval to the Baroque, from instrumental to vocal, from music originally written for recorder to arrangements and adaptations.  Sirt im Sasani, Bloubli Hid, Aravod Luso, Diba u Yengidunia, and the theme of Amarilli mia bella are all originally written for voice. The recorder, according to Silvestro Ganassi - a member of the official wind band of the Venetian state and author of the important treatise La Fontegara (1535) - is an instrument that can come close to the sound of the human voice.   The instrumental works range from pieces written specifically for recorder to those written for an unspecified melody instrument to one work which was originally composed for flute.

See a live performance of the first three pieces from the CD on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxmJAhyGSAM

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