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Music in the 19th-century American Parlor: The Melodeon and Cottage Organ.

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Wodehouse Artis credit Ron Terner webArtis Wodehouse ~ harmoniumist
1863 Treat & Davis Melodeon and 1871 Estey Cottage Organ

Lost in the mists of history, the most common keyboard to be found in 19th-century parlors was not the piano, but the foot-pump reed organ or harmonium. Artis will play period repertoire on two outstanding and typical examples — an 1863 melodeon made in Connecticut and an 1871 cottage organ made in Vermont — from her instrument collection.

Pianist, harmoniumist, and organist Artis Wodehouse has devoted her career to preserving and disseminating neglected but valuable music and instruments from the past with an emphasis on American music. Cited by The New York Times as “savior of the old and neglected,” Artis performs on a representative group of antique reed organs, harmoniums and pianos she has restored to concert condition.

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1:15–2:00 pm
All concerts are free; no tickets or reservations are necessary.

In person at St. Malachy's Church, 239 West 49th Street, Manhattan

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