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At the Temple of Juno.

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Relic EnsembleKako Boga, Aniela Eddy, Toma Iliev, Natalie Rose Kress, Rebecca Nelson & Chiara Stauffer ~ violins & violas 
Cullen O’Neil ~ violoncello 
Sue Yelanjian ~ bass 
Georgeanne Banker ~ bassoon 
Robert Warner ~ harpsichord 
Cameron Welke ~ theorbo 

At the Temple of Juno celebrates the coming of summer by honoring the goddess Juno and all she represents: power, jealousy, rage, love, childhood, and rejuvenation. We hope you enjoy masterpieces by Handel, Purcell, Vivaldi, and Scarlatti, as well as rarely heard gems by De Lalande, D’Ambruys, and Charpentier — all in a program that flows seamlessly from one affect to the next!

Relic is a conductor-less period chamber orchestra that connects with audiences through intimate, imaginative and dramatic representations of early music, with the goal of reaching communities in all fifty states. Relic’s innovative programming, which uses narrative “chapters” to unite a variety of repertoire into a breathtaking concert experience, has captured the hearts of new and seasoned concertgoers alike.

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1:15–2:00 pm
All concerts are free; no tickets or reservations are necessary.

In person at St. Malachy's Church, 239 West 49th Street, Manhattan

Live stream details: You can watch it on your computer in any of two places by clicking on the name you wish: our website or YouTube.

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