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We have two libraries from Lucy Cross and Celine Karraker and are making them available to the general public as a benefit for GEMS.

As we've been going through some of the materials, we have come across a number of interesting memorabilia, including letters, notes, and programs. Click on the images below to view a program from a Yale School of Drama production of Dido and Aeneas. Be sure to have a look at who the harpischordist was... you may recognize his name. :-)

Dido program 1Lucy Cross was a lutenist and singer, a member of the original New York Pro Musica under Noah Greenberg, and a sought after teacher and coach at Amherst Early Music festival and other programs. When The Cloisters invited GEMS to produce a revival of the Pro Musica's original Play of Daniel in 2008, we included Lucy in the cast.

Upon her death in 2015, she bequeathed her library and music collection to a number of organizations, including GEMS, specifying that whatever procedes we get from the collection go to supporting our organization. Read more about Lucy's life and work here.


Dido program 2Celine Karraker was a grand dame, well known to legions of amateur and professional recorder players. Over decades of participation acting as hostess for regular consort playing at her beautiful home in CT, she accumulated a large library of recorder consort music. Upon her death, she indicated the her collection should be sold to benefit area early music organizations.


We have these two libraries at our office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Click on the links below to view the contents. If you are interested, contact us by email or call 212-866-0468 and we can make an appointment for you to come see the collection and make us an offer.


Lucy Cross Library - Lots

Lucy Cross Library - Scores

Lucy Cross Library - Books

Lucy Cross Library - Journals

Lucy Cross Library - Reference


Celine Karraker Library - Lots

Celine Karraker Library - Scores of Note

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